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    (2АТУ2МЛ) 2ATU2ML arrangement (complex) consists of two (АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML units standing in series with a uniform control system and can work as in individual so twin mode , i.e. as one (АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML unit so as two (АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML units at the same time.
It allows to use (2АТУ2МЛ) 2ATU2ML complex efficiently depending on the craft based on the airfield.
Working platforms of the (АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML arrangements are based on metal foundations (supplied with the arrester), that are simply to be digged in the ground without using any hardening materials (concrete, reinforced concrete and so on).
    On the working platforms the following items are to be installed:
  • lift and net-lock mechanism,
  • arresting arrangement with a multifunction system of arresting and a gear for cable winding after breaking,
  • Hydraulic workbench with control, monitoring and reservation systems,
  • Tightening device for lower and upper belts of the arresting net.
  • Separately from working platforms the following items are mounted:
  • power unit
  • net lifting control block,
  • stand-by power unit,
  • oscillators and photosensors.
Arresters have automatic, manual remote (from the (from the control tower) and local manual control that can be used as at the same time so independently from each other. The control system is electro relay with electro control block. In the control system of the arrangement photosensors with photo- electrical principal of operation are used.
The electro relay control system guaranties reliable protection from electro and electromagnetic fields of any power from artificial or natural sources. The arresters are equipped with a reserve device to support the working pressure in the hydraulic system.
    The reliability of the units is confirmed by State tests, periodical test and Russian military tests for reliability.
    We have not received even one reclamation for all manufacturing time of these products. It’s almost 40 years starting from (АТУ2, АТУ2М) ATU2, ATU2M units.

    By Customer’s order we can produce and supply additionally any spare part to any arresting unit in a very short time.
    (СПЕЦМАШ 1) Spetsmash 1 can do services, repairs (overhauls) of any unit or complex , prolong warranty time, restore separate elements and units, modernize old units and provide service documents for repairs and overhauls.

  • Purpose
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  • Arrangement
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity in use
  • Simplicity of mounting
  • Flight safety
  • Psychological stability of the personnel
  • Control system
  • Reserve system of basic elements
  • Service simplicity
  • Wide range of interchangeable technical liquids
  • Electromagnetic protection
  • Spare parts and materials for the life time
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