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    (АТУ2МЛ, 2АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML, 2ATU2ML Arresters are the final units in the general system that provides flight safety and they are arranged as two working platforms located symmetrical to the runway axis with the systems of electro-hydraulic control. A receiving device of “arresting net “type is between them along with line shock-absorbers and transmission elements - nylon ribbons.
Arresters are equipped with braking system in which the raise of pressure from preliminary to working (depending of weight and speed of the jet plane) goes smooth without jerks with gradual adsorption of kinetic energy of plane motion. In order to smooth the contact of the plane to the arresting net the net is equipped with semiexpendable line shock-absorbers. Absorbers are to be changed after every arresting of a jet plane and supplied with a kit of spare parts and materials in the number that is enough to cover the warranty period. Braking forces affecting the jet plane are uniformly distributed between the lower and the upper belts of the arresting net due to its special design that allows to level the loads of the belts and correspondingly to the aircraft too.
At the construction of the arrangement there is telephone communication between the flight operations officer and arrester’s operator.
Every arrangement goes along with the spare parts and material kit that should be quite enough for all warranty period of use (8 years). If there is a mistake of operation or service the manufacturer will produce and supply any detail, outfit or unit in a very short period and for a minimal price.
    30 year old items (first modifications) are still good working.

    The reliability of the units is confirmed by State tests, periodical test and Russian military tests for reliability.

      Airfields that are equipped by (АТУ2МЛ) ATU2ML greatly increase the flight safety, provide psychological stability of flight crews, exclude hard consequences of flight accidents in case of aborted takeoff or refused landing.

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