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    The service of the arrangement is minimal. It doesn’t take the presence of the manufacturer’s specialists and doesn’t take special deep training of the personal of the Customer.
    Information given in manuals for the arrangements is sufficient for your specialists to mount and dismount the equipment, service and operate it without assistance of manufacturer’s personnel.
By Customer’s order The Manufacturer can train and attest Customer’s technical personnel on his place on every matter (mounting, adjustment, operation, service, repair and so on) in a period appointed by the Customer. The price of this can be included in the price of the delivery contract or invoiced separately.
    Man-hours for services:
  • daily service– at the most 1 man-hour;
  • monthly service – at the most 12 man-hour,
  • service after arresting a plane – at the most 20 man-hour.
All used in the arrangements hydro and electro sets, as well as the control equipment are approved for use in Russian military forces. All used in the arrangements oils and lubricants are used in Russian military forces.
In order to allow others users to choose another combustive-lubricating materials, manuals for every arrangement have a table of equal fuels, combustive-lubricating materials and special liquids that can be as Russian so international origin but they constantly present on the market. So Customers can choose themselves optimal liquids and lubricants.
    Every arrangement goes along with the spare pars and material kit that should be quite enough for all warranty period of use (8 years). You will not need another kit. It has been proved by many years of experience.
    If there is a mistake of operation of service the manufacturer will produce and supply any detail, outfit or unit in a very short time and for a minimal price.
30 year old items (first modifications) are still good working.
Spetsmash 1 produces spare parts to all previously produced models and supplies them to all the countries that have bought the arrangements but now are NATO members.

  • Purpose
  • Advantages
  • Arrangement
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity in use
  • Simplicity of mounting
  • Flight safety
  • Psychological stability of the personnel
  • Control system
  • Reserve system of basic elements
  • Service simplicity
  • Wide range of interchangeable technical liquids
  • Electromagnetic protection
  • Spare parts and materials for the life time
  • Price
  • Delivery terms
  • Geography of deliveries

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